Jordyn Coats

Writer and Creative Developer for Screen, Stage, & Game

Jordyn's most current work has been featured in and around New York City and Los Angeles at
The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing ArtsPlaylight Theatre Company, The Duplex, Two River Theatre, The Green Room 42and Goodspeed Musicals!


In Your Company is a new original musical written by Jordyn Coats and John Allen Watts which pushes the historical boundaries of same-sex relationships and the experiences of war, both physically and emotionally, on the front lines. Set in 1917 France, during World War I, the show focuses on two female YMCA volunteers who find themselves working in the US Army’s First Division Canteen. Through power struggles, learning to live together, and differences in how to best take care of the soldiers who walk through their front doors, Frances and Edith find a type of compatibility that they are incapable of labeling. The soldiers (Colonel Davies, Perry, Taylor, Smithy, and Parker) develop maturity throughout the show via relationships with each other, the women, and their loved ones back home, and also by experiencing the realness of war. The power of what it means to truly want to be in someone else’s company and the universal message of hope that the choice entails is what drives In Your Company.

In Your Company (Original Demo Album) is available for digital purchase directly on the website store and on Bandcamp. It features seven songs including “Letters Home”, “Take A Break”, and “She Ain’t Gonna Make A Dandy Out Of Me”.

The artists featured on this demo album are Victoria Frings, Emma Romasco, Gianni Onori, Maxwell Meyers, CJ Eldred, David Lancelle, Peter Slavov, Yorgos Maniatis, Stefan Melnyk, and Kent Jeong-Eun Kim. The demo album was recorded at the Samurai Hotel Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NYC. Jordyn Coats and John Allen Watts are graduates of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts' Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program.