Jordyn Coats

Writer and Creative Developer for Screen, Stage, & Game


Jordyn is an "ARTIST" within the Mycelia Foundation, a foundation created by Imogen Heap
which helps to establish the ethical, technical, and commercial standards required to run a fair-trade music ecosystem.

Mycelia is...

Founded by Imogen heap, we are a growing collective of creatives, professionals and lovers of music.

Our mission is:

+ To empower a fair, sustainable and vibrant music industry ecosystem involving all online music interaction services,

+ To unlock the huge potential for creators and their music related metadata so an entirely new commercial marketplace may flourish,

+ To ensure all involved are paid and acknowledged fully.

+ To see commercial, ethical and technical standards are set to exponentially increase innovation for the music services of the future,

+ To connect the dots with all those involved in this shift from our current outdated music industry models, exploring new technological solutions to enliven and positively impact the music ecosystem